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Mug/Cup SLR Camera Lens (With lens lid) - HonestMonkeys

Mug/Cup SLR Camera Lens (With lens lid)

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24-105 mm 1: 1 scale


Your photographer friends will gasp in horror when they catch sight of this quirky Camera Lens Mug. At first glance it might seem that you've ripped apart a perfectly good telephoto lens, then filled it with your hot beverage of choice. Of course this type of heinous disregard for expensive photography equipment would be sacrilege... to a cup of good coffee.

Luckily the Camera Lens Mug is decidedly cheaper than a real camera lens and is washable to boot. Fill it with your beverage of choice and take a big swig o' DSLR. The included lens hood top keeps your drink hot/cold and doubles as a mini plate for cookies or other noshables.

Product Features

    • Quirky mug looks like a real DSLR camera lens
    • Perfect for hot or cold beverages
    • Realistic lens type details and such

Lens hood top keeps your drink hot/cold 

But can you drink from it?